Home    • causes    • types  • stages  • symptoms  • tests  • treatment melanoma types there are several melanoma types, each with distinctive signs and symptoms. viagra last longer in bed The most common melanoma type is superficial spreading melanoma (ssm), accounting for 70 percent of all diagnosed melanoma skin cancer cases in the united states. discount viagra Ssm is characterized by flat and irregular shaped lesions, which are varying shades of black, brown, gray, blue, pink or white. pfizer viagra sales Found mostly in caucasians, this melanoma type can develop at any age and in any location on the body, especially on the legs of females and between the neck and pelvis of males. The first indication of ssm is an elongated freckle that seems to spread sideways on the skin. The lesion progresses rapidly – spreading outward, getting darker in color and becoming increasingly inflamed. generic viagra walgreens The second melanoma type is nodular melanoma ( nm). It is the most aggressive type of melanoma, accounting for 15 percent of all cases in the united states. viagra last longer in bed The principal symptom found with nm is a dark blackish-blue or bluish-red raised area, although it may be amelanotic or colorless. viagra last longer in bed The lesion grows deep into the skin faster than it spreads outward, and often forms in a spot that did not previously have a mole or lesion. how to get a free trial of viagra For this reason, nm often goes undetected until it is too late. viagra sales in india This melanoma type can develop at any age, but is most common in people over the age of 60. Males are more prone to developing nodular melanoma. Lentigo maligna melanoma (lmm) is confined to the top most layer of skin and is generally found on the face, neck and arms of elderly individuals due to sun damage. viagra no prescription It accounts for ten percent of all melanoma skin cancer deaths in the united states. buy viagra cheapest price Sometimes called "hutchinson's freckle," lmm looks like a large, flat, tan stain on the skin. With this malignant melanoma type, the progression is extremely slow, sometimes taking ten to fifteen years before it becomes irregular in shape or color. At this stage, the lesion can be mistaken for lentigo simplex, a non-cancerous blemish often referred to as a "sun spot" or "age spot. buy generic viagra online " after becoming irregular, the lesion can. viagra without a doctor prescription