Ly the dornier hm4, the dornier mfl 5000 and the dornier mpl9000 featured electrohydraulic or spark gap shock wave sources. viagra 20mg vs viagra Under water, a spark plug with two opposing electrode tips is positioned in the first focus (f1) of an ellipsoid reflector. A capacitor connected to the spark plug is charged to maximal voltage and then abruptly discharged causing the explosive formation of an underwater plasma channel and resulting in the rapid evaporization of the water surrounding the electrode tips. This releases a spherical shock wave that is reflected by the walls of the ellipsoid reflector towards the second focus (f2) of the ellipsoid reflector (9). The thermal overload of this process causes an erosion of the electrode tips leading to irregularities in the resulting spark and the shock wave originating from it. A rapid erosion of the electrode tips thus limitates the life time of the spark plug to a couple of thousand shocks per spark plug. viagra pills The dornier compact-series and the dornier lithrotripter (u/15/50 and s) feature electromagnetic shock wave sources. cheap viagra online In electromagnetic shock wave generation a capacitor connected to a flat copper coil is charged to maximal voltage and abruptly discharged. where is a safe place to buy viagra online This creates a magnetic field which repels a flexible copper membrane covering the copper coil resulting in the creation of a shock wave in the water in which the whole system is immersed. The shock wave is then focused into the therapeutic focus by means of an acoustic lens (10). Electromagnetic shock waves are extremely constant in quality and reproducible. An electromagnetic shock wave source can produce up to two million shock waves of consistent quality. viagra corporate headquarters photo Back to top •  imaging systems in lithotriptors. order viagra online Treatment strategies in eswl are to a great extent influenced by the imaging system available in a lithotriptor. Early lithotriptors were equipped either with ultrasound or fluoroscopy. In order to meet all the challenges in modern integrated stone management present day lithotriptors have to be equipped with both imaging modalities. viagra to buy online in australia The ideal modern lithotriptor offers simultaneous use of both ultrasound and fluoroscopy. viagra online without prescription With. buy viagra pills online viagra tamsulosin interactions